Over the last nine years, Edmonton’s Canadian Culinary Federation (CCF) High School Culinary Challenge (HSCC) has seen more than 105 high school teams turn up the heat in the kitchen to compete for gold, and out of the competition, many students have gone on to achieve immense culinary success.

Participating teams are chosen every fall by the HSCC organizing committee, from applications submitted by teachers, who will go on to coach their teams. For months, the teams train in the kitchen, learning new skills and mastering advanced techniques, all in preparation for the competition in February.

Families come together in March in anticipation of the awards announcements. In 2016, students, their families and school delegates enjoyed dinner at the Shaw Conference Centre.

All students who participate in the High School Culinary Challenge have the opportunity to apply for a full scholarship to the three-year Cook Journeyman Apprenticeship program at NAIT. Up to three scholarships are awarded each year. Scholarship recipients will be announced at the awards dinner.