Over the last fourteen years, Edmonton’s Canadian Culinary Federation (CCF) High School Culinary Challenge (HSCC) has seen more than 200 high school teams turn up the heat in the kitchen to compete for gold, and out of the competition, many students have gone on to achieve immense culinary success.

COVID-19 has significantly impacted ever aspect of the culinary industry, including our annual competition. This year we adapted like everyone else and offered a new structure for the High School Culinary Challenge.

Please see the below submissions for this year’s online competition. We are so proud of all our participants!

Congratulations to our top 3 students in each category!

1) Sejla Cengic – W.P. Wagner High School
2) Thomas Anderson – St. Joseph High School
3) Joseph Tertzakian-Harris – J.H. Picard High School

1) Adonis Dungog – St Joseph High School
2) Sejla Cengic – W.P. Wagner High School
3) Sobiya Siddiqui – M.E. LaZerte High School

1) Jannah Laude – W.P. Wagner High School
2) Anke Jacobs – Paul Kane High School
3) Charlotte Campbell – Bellerose Composite High School

Our overall top 3 students are Sejla Cengic, Adonis Dungog and Jannah Laude! Congratulations to all!

A very special thank you to our sponsors Sysco Edmonton, Italian Centre Shops Ltd. and Real Canadian Superstore for your generous partnership.