Anthony Guy


Anthony Guy CCF(December 2014)…Anthony Guy was admiring the CCFCC High School Culinary Challenge certificates in his Foods classroom at Archbishop Oscar Romero Catholic High School, when he noticed that the school hadn’t participated for four years. When he asked his teacher about it, she explained that it was partially due to time, but more so to the fact that there hadn’t been any interest. “From that moment,” he says, “I was so motivated to get us back to participating in the challenge. I found two other amazing cooks in my school to compete with me for the first time.”

Unlike some chefs, whose interest starts in childhood, Anthony’s interest in cooking didn’t really appear until grade 10. “That following year [in grade 11], I participated for my first time in the Regional Skills and Provincial Skills competitions,” he says. “From then on, I was hooked.”

Currently Anthony is enjoying working with Chef Andrew Fung at Nineteen: “He is teaching me everything you can’t learn from a cooking video, like communication within the kitchen, cleanliness, time management, and humility.”

For participants competing in 2015, Anthony advises, “study and practice your scope meticulously, work clean and organized, work together with your teammates, and more than anything, have fun!”

Looking back on his own experience with the HSCC, Anthony is grateful for the opportunity it afforded him: “No words can express how honored I am to have been awarded a full culinary scholarship,” says Anthony. It truly is setting him on the path to culinary excellence.

Interesting about Anthony…

Eventually…you may find him working in Europe or the United States.

Favourite types of cooking: “Classic French, Rustic Italian and pastry.” Delicious!

If he cooks for may be his favourite dish: Fresh pasta carbonara.