Myles-square(November 2013)…Myles Fedun has created quite a name for himself in the culinary industry, and he only graduated from NAIT in 2012. Most recently Myles ousted chefs from across Canada to take the top prize in the Tabasco CCFCC Chef Challenge at the Canadian Culinary Federation’s National Conference in May 2013. All competitors had won regional championships before competing at the national level.

Myles graduated after receiving one of the scholarships made available to him by competing in the High School Culinary Challenge in 2008. He was approached by his high school foods teacher to be on the culinary team. “I had plans to take the full-time NAIT program, so I figured a chance at the scholarship would be a great opportunity,” he says.

“The High School Culinary Challenge has provided me with amazing opportunities in regards to training and learning, as well as support with other culinary competitions,” says Myles. “It has also given me a great way to network and get introduced to other professional, passionate chefs.”

One of the students Myles competed against in high school in 2008, Peter Keith, later become his fellow team member at the 2012 Culinary Olympics in Germany. Both chefs competed as members of Team Alberta. “I thank everyone who has helped me along with this amazing journey,” says Myles. “Without the support of my mentors, I would not have gotten where I am today.”

When asked what advice he would give to the 2014 High School Culinary Challenge participants, Myles says, “Work hard and have fun! It’s not all about winning first place.”

Interesting to know about Myles…

Favourite style of cooking: “French!”

Favourite dish to prepare: “French onion soup. Simple to make, but it requires a lot of love. It’s also one of my favorite things to eat!”

Where you may seem him working one day: “A pastry shop in Europe or somewhere in the Napa Valley.”

One thing he wishes he’d know for the HSCC: “I wish I would have known that cooking is not about following a recipe—they should be used as guidelines.”