Sarah Jarbeau started Foods class in grade 7 because of her passion for baking with her friend outside of school. She continued taking foods classes until her final year of high school. Working at a fundraising murder mystery night as a server for her graduation, Sarah mentioned to the teacher, Mr. Kosak, who was cooking for the event that she would love to work in the kitchen for the next event. A couple days after the event, Mr. Kosak approached Sarah, telling her about the High School Culinary Challenge and the scholarship.

Over the next couple of months, they started to prepare for the challenge that took place in February. Sarah would practice in the school kitchen after school alone of with her teammates, with Mr. Kosak, and previous culinary challenge winners. Sarah would also ask to speak to Chefs while at different restaurants for advice and their culinary history. Sarah then went on to participate in the challenge, earning a scholarship, and continuing in Skills Canada with baking and making it to Regionals.

Since September of 2016, Sarah has been working at Zinc restaurant and catering. She has been learning many new skills, new foods and new tricks while working there.

  1. When looking for culinary inspiration: She turns to her chef, her friends in the kitchen, as well as internet and her imagination.
  2. When cooking at home for family and friends: She likes to make recipes from school that her family enjoys and desserts when spending time with friends.
  3. When in the mood for guilty- food pleasure: She will never say no to chocolate candies.