– Hizaarah Rossenally

  1. When looking for culinary inspiration:

since very small I have always been around food. My cousin had been taking culinary at school and I would always be so impress by the different types of food she’ll feed me. When talking about inspiration the first thing that comes in mind is my coach, Kelly Hobbs. I’ve known her for almost four years now she has inspired me to a another level and is only one that has had faith in me the most. Someone that would always push me and make me face new challenges as she believed in what I could do, which is what got me here today. I was once piping in class and that’s when she approached me and just asked to scale such and such, next thing I knew was I was competing in skills.

  1. When cooking at home for family or friends:

when it comes to cooking, I’ve always loved to experiment with spices and giving my own twists to recipes,  which  sometimes turns out delightful while other times not so good. But that’s how you build on. The first time I cooked for my family, I would say was quite something, my mom and dad of course loved it, but my brothers being brutally honest, told me the truth. And ever since it’s been a challenge to feed them something that they can’t resist and so far I would say they like my food better than my mom’s which I would have never thought of.

  1. When in the mood for a guilty-food pleasure:

as weird as it sounds, well seasoned cucumber salad and roti on the side, was one of the first things I made from a very young age, probably around 8. And of course my rotis at the time would be the shape of my country (Mauritius :D), but definitely not round. And of course the cucumbers would be all types of dice you could ever imagine.