2022 HSCC Top 3 & Winners!

Posted on March 23, 2022

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Edmonton, AB
High School Culinary Challenge

Over the last fifteen years, Edmonton’s Canadian Culinary Federation (CCF) High School Culinary Challenge (HSCC) has seen more than 600 high school students turn up the heat in the kitchen and compete. The HSCC has been a catalyst for many students who have continued on to achieve culinary success.

The pandemic has significantly impacted ever aspect of the culinary industry, including our annual competition. For the second year in a row, we offered the High School Culinary Challenge in an online format for any high school student in Edmonton and surrounding areas to participate individually.

Each student reviewed the competition scope prepared by Paul Campbell, Program Chair for the Department of Culinary Arts and Professional Food Studies at NAIT, and then chose to prepare a dish from either the Appetizer, Entrée, or Dessert category. The students submitted their recipe, work plan, pictures of the process and final plates, as well as a written submission or video describing their experience and their dish. We had 32 students participate across Edmonton Public Schools, Elk Island Public Schools and Edmonton Catholic Schools.

The top 3 students in each category are:


  1. Theo Pashko – St. Joseph Catholic High School
  2. Julia Loeser- Dr. Anne Anderson High School
  3. Seanna Kryger – Paul Kane High School


  1. Mary Beazer – St. Joseph Catholic High School
  2. Aditya Harrison – Dr. Anne Anderson High School
  3. Lucas Adams – Austin O’Brien Catholic High School &
    Avery Porcina – Bev Facey High School


  1. Kaliyah Coughlin – St. Joseph Catholic High School
  2. Anke Jacobs – Paul Kane Highschool
  3. Shivanya Bananda – Dr. Anne Anderson High School

Click here to view the impressive submissions from all students

The High School Culinary Challenge is helping ensure that there will be new and innovative young chefs in Edmonton and Alberta. The competition would not be possible without generous support from our sponsor Italian Centre Shops Ltd.


Lisa Evangelos
High School Culinary Challenge
p: 780-619-5472
e: admin@edmontonchefs.ca

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