Garnet-Madsen(November 2013)…Though many of his earliest childhood memories are centered around the kitchen, it wasn’t until the High School Culinary Challenge in 2011 that Garnet Madsen really considered cooking for his career.

“The High School Culinary Challenge opened my eyes to another aspect of cooking,” he says. “It really helped me to see my potential as a cook.”

Garnet attributes the High School Culinary Challenge not only with helping him discover his career path, but also as a great opportunity to learn new skills, improve others, and to challenge himself.

His passion for food is obvious, and his advice for future competitors is clear: “Taking care of the food you’re handling, and using the proper techniques are the best ways to showcase beautiful ingredients,” he says.

Now his favourite style of cooking depends on the season and what ingredients are available. But, he’s always one to enjoy cooking chanterelles, poached eggs, serrano ham and toast.

“Food is beautiful” he says. “I enjoy everything about it.”

Bet you didn’t know…

Out of this world: Garnet has considered working at NASA, making food for space travel!

What he wish he’d known in the 2011 HSCC: “Don’t panic!”

Where he’d like to work: “Anywhere really. Europe, of course. I would really just like to travel to as many continents as possible and experience more cultures.”