Marcus-Fernandez(November 2013)…For some high school students, it isn’t until after graduation that they decide what sort of career to pursue. But for Marcus Fernandes, he has known since early elementary school: “I’ve had my heart set on becoming a chef since I was in grade two.”

Marcus competed in the High School Culinary Challenge in 2011. “I’ve always wanted to challenge myself and get a sense of how I deal in high pressure situations,” he explains, “so for me, the High School Culinary Challenge seemed like the perfect chance.”

Currently, Marcus works with Chef Simon Smotkowicz at the Shaw Conference Centre. “The experience and privilege of being able to compete in the High School Culinary Challenge has benefited me tremendously,” says Marcus. “It has given me the opportunity to work under three amazing local chefs and to further my knowledge in the culinary industry.”

His advice for others considering entering the culinary arts as a career: “I would say to follow your dreams, be active, have confidence and best of luck!”

Facts about Marcus…

Something you know from the HSCC: “I didn’t know the proper way to make Velouté [a versatile chicken sauce], but now I know!”

If he could work anywhere in the world… “I would work somewhere in the tropics.”

His favourite style of cooking is ethnic cuisine, but his favourite dish to prepare is hummus.