Tyler Sheaves

For me my love of culinary started at a very young age.  I can remember baking bread with my grandmother at the age of 3. Then, when I was a bit older, my grandfather taught me the importance of utilizing every part of the animal after hunting it. My family taught me the key elements of being a wholesome and devoted cook.  These values have remained with me throughout my life.  I decided to peruse Culinary when I was in Grade 10 at Harry Ainlay High School.  It was sparked by my teacher Mr. Jaryd Murray by introducing me to the CCFCC competitions.  I dedicated myself fully to become part of the team.  I was mentored by Mr. Murray and fellow CCFCC scholarship recipient Mr. Garnet Madsen.

In pursuit of cooking, I have devoted my time to catering events, charity work, and competing in the CCFCC competitions.

I started working with Chef Paul Shufelt at the Workshop Eatery from the opening of his restaurant.  I started working as a part time dishwasher.  After being awarded the Scholarship I have moved up to stations on line as an apprentice cook. I am continually learning new skills and cooking techniques from colleagues and Chef.  I am learning to be a part of the team and am loving this profession. I have been in this position since November of 2016.

I want to be able to share my passion for culinary with future generations of cooks.  My plan and ambition would be to first receive my Journeyman Red Seal Chef designation and obtain work experience at home and abroad.  I will then pursue my education degree at the University of Alberta with the future goal of teaching culinary at the high school level.

  • When looking for culinary inspiration: I turn to my ever-growing library of cook books, as well as my friends in the kitchen at work.
  • When cooking at home for family and friends: I like to cook dishes that remind me of my childhood.  For myself, I love to experiment with Asian flavours.
  • When I’m in the mood for guilty-food pleasure: I would usually go for gummy candies.